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The Membership in The Consortium is open to commercial organization and professionals only. Any entity that can sign the Membership Agreement can become a Member.

As a member of the Consortium, you and your company can help influence the direction of support services, be on top of emerging trends, become an early adopter of the latest thinking, and benefit from professional growth through a wide range of opportunities.

Description of our services and benefits for the Members

Cash Pooling Services

As member of the Consortium you can benefit of our Zero Balancing. This is a cash pooling service for the concentration of funds within a company, or a group of companies, into one account – the top account.

How the services works

The balances of the sub-accounts are automatically transferred to the top account at the end of each day with original value dates. The top account will therefore hold the overall net cash position of the company or group of companies. The top account is normally held by the parent company or a group treasury company. Any number of sub-accounts can be linked to the top account. Sub-accounts can be used for transactions like any other bank account.

The Structure

A Zero Balancing structure can include accounts reflecting your group structure. The summary accounts will aggregate zero balancing transactions from the underlying sub-accounts before they are sent further up the hierarchy. Zero Balancing is available for various currencies and a separate structure is created for each currency.

Real-time information

Via your electronic banking system you get real-time information on:

  • your group’s total net liquidity per currency
  • all zero balancing transactions
  • all payments and collections.


  • Improves your net interest position
  • Reduces your need for external financing
  • Reduces your group’s balance sheet
  • Gives you access to the group’s net liquidity
  • Facilitates your administration
  • Provides data on intercompany lending

Manage funds

The service offers you an opportunity to easily manage the group’s total surplus/deficit, for example, to place or fund the net position in the market without having to move funds manually between the group’s accounts.

Simplifies bookkeeping

You can facilitate your internal bookkeeping as the Zero Balancing shadow account structure:

  • keeps track of intercompany loans and
  • calculates internal interest.

Legal aspects

As Zero Balancing automatically generates intercompany loans, legal and tax issues have to be addressed by your company legal and tax advisory.


You and your subsidiaries will receive statements and reports, on paper or electronically.

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